Current Leadership

Scroll down to see our current leadership team!  Each year, a group of students are chosen to take on various positions in the clinic to ensure a quality experience for our patients.

Class of 2025


Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Emma Cummings
Supervisor Relations: 
Jaime Zima
Client Relations: Rebecca Buckman
Student Relations: Kylie Glorioso
Client Care: 
Interprofessional: Class of 2025 Clinic Coordinators
Outcomes: Julie Macchione
Operations: Tyler Ledford
Conference Chair: Jimmy Pavlovsky
Network Liaison: Jared Selby
Fundraising: Morgan LePore
Referral Marketing: 
Community Relations: Jaime Zima

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Occupational Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Justin O’Grady
Supervisor Relations: Emma Raggio
Client Relations: Rebecca Lubin
Student Relations: Kiley Fasy
Client Care: Shay Kaminski
Interprofessional: Class of 2025 Clinic Coordinators
Outcomes: Laura Fahy
Operations: Nahja Zaboor
Conference Chair: Faith Waldron
Network Liaison: Leyna Obara                              Fundraising: Leah Peshkin

Class of 2024


Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Victoria Bensinger
Supervisor Relations: 
Alexandra Polon
Client Relations: John Macey
Student Relations: Marissa Camac
Client Care: Hannah Kolmetzky
Interprofessional: Class of 2024 Clinic Coordinators
Outcomes: Elisa Adelphin
Operations: Emily Mangold
Conference Chair: Emma Wilcock
Network Liaison: Emma Wilcock and Alexandra Polon
Fundraising: Sarah Glazewski
Referral Marketing: 
Community Relations: Taylor Johnson

OT 2

Occupational Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Melanie Munda
Supervisor Relations: Tara Ford
Client Relations: Jamella Fagan
Student Relations: Liliana Poproski
Client Care: Carissa Barksdale
Interprofessional: Class of 2024 Clinic Coordinators
Outcomes: Eunice Bae
Conference Chair: Samantha Hopkins
Network Liaison: Samantha Hopkins and Tara Ford


Speech Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Megan McCool
Client Relations: Marie Sweeney
Interprofessional: Class of 2024 Clinic Coordinators
Operations: Marisa Russo and Katherine Heilman
Conference Chair: Erika Leinhauser
Network Liaison: Emily Mickle                                Fundraising: Kayla Hoelzel
Referral Marketing and Community Relations: Elizabeth Turner

Class of 2023

PT CCC Board '23

Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Madison D'Amico
Supervisor Relations:
Samantha Lucas
Client Relations: Taylor Wittstock
Student Relations: Molly DeProspo
Client Care: Rebecca MacLean
Interprofessional: Krista Satarcangelo
Outcomes: Kelsey Campbell
Operations: Zach Landi
Network Liaison: Megan Kitchin
Fundraising: Connor Feinour and Mirthe Berends
Referral Marketing: Michael Booth
Community Relations: Liz D'Ginto

OT CCC Board '23

Occupational Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Jordan Goddard
Supervisor Relations: Kaitlyn Kain
Client Relations: Kaitlyn Kain
Student Relations: Kaitlyn Angove
Client Care: Natalie Looney
Outcomes: Kaitlyn Angove
Conference Chair: Kacie Curran
Network Liaison: Ellie Lou Johnston

SLP CCC Board '24

Speech Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Olivia Voce
Client Care:
Alexandra Ocasio
Class of 2023 Clinic Coordinators
Alexis Ciccone
Conference Chair: Carla Ovington
Network Liaison: Carla Ovington
Fundraising: Emily Mriss
Community Relations: Kelsey DeKoyer

Class of 2022


Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Evan Peters
Pro Bono Network Liaison:
 Abigail Warner
National Conference Chair:
 Lauren Olsen
Marketing Officer: Bryce DuBois
Student Relations: Taylor Clemmer
Fund Officers: Kristina Taguwa
Outcomes Coordinator:
 Hailey Layton
Operations Coordinator: Kathleen Hittle
Supervisor Relations:
 Emma Hirshman
Client Care Coordinator:
 Megan Sulpizi
Client Relations Officer:
 Rebecca Wadman
Community Relations Officer: Megan Currier


Occupational Therapy

Clinic Coordinator, National Conference Chair, National Honor Society: Flo Mangulabnan
Referral Marketing: Sarah Ketterman and Adam Peters
Student Relations and Outcomes: Amanda Popolo
Operations Coordinator: Breanna Lipowski
Fund Officers: Ari Alexoudis
Supervisor and Client Relations:
Kimberly Starr

Leadership Alumni

Scroll down to see our growing team of students that continued the growing mission of the Chester Community Physical Therapy Clinic!

Class of 2021


Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: John Nellett
Pro Bono Network Liaison: Haily Vaka
National Conference Chair:
Alyssa Myers
Referral Marketing: John Vizzini
Student Relations: Brittany Erlsten
Fund Officers: Emily Swope and Kaylin Augustine
Outcomes Coordinator:
 Megan McCurdy
Operations Coordinator: Josh Hammaker
Clinic Liaison:
 Stephanie Saylor
Client Care Coordinator:
 Danielle Hemerka
Client Relations:
 Gabrielle Crespo
Community Relations: Eva Reyes

Class of 2020

PT 2 Student Board 2018

Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: David Aurand
National Honor Society Officer:
Baylee Mann
National Conference Chair:
Alaina Curry
Marketing Officer:
Troy Koch and Zach Shustyk
Student Relations:
 Kimmy Hall
Fund Officers: Kayla Herr and Katie Sterling
Outcomes Coordinator:
Taylor Stone
Operations Coordinator: Max Schrom
Alumni Relations:
Andrea Barajas
Health & Wellness Coordinator:
 Beth Pirtle
Client Advocate:
Laura Giordano
Social Media Marketing Officer:
Joe Ruszkowski

Class of 2019

Class of 2019

Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Justin Gilfillan
National Honor Society Officer:
Rachel McDermott
National Conference Chair:
Jonathan Rouse
Marketing Officer:
Patrick Rutledge
Student Relations:
 Amanda Schmidt
Fund Officers: Elizabeth Antonucci, Leo Harmon, and Jacqueline Ruggiero
Outcomes Coordinator:
Taylor Stone
Operations Coordinator: Reed Hoffman
Alumni Relations:
Jaclyn Krempasky
Health & Wellness Coordinator:
 Kristine Sindoni
Client Advocate:
Kathleen Flynn
Social Media Marketing Officer:
Heather Burns

Class of 2018


Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Tim Golder      
National Honor Society Officer:
Brianna Englert
National Conference Chair:
Jenna Newton
Marketing Officers:
Mike Berardo and Jordan Bernstein
Student Relations:
Danielle Baselak
Fund Officers: Brittany Burkholder and Kasey Dietrich
Outcomes Coordinator:
Tyler Suruskie
Operations Coordinator: Seth Brakefield
Alumni Relations:
Liz Langer
Health & Wellness Coordinator:
 Steve Grazioli
Client Advocate:
Nicolina Marcela
Social Media Marketing Officer:
Kristina Reiter

Class of 2017


Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Nolan Converse  
National Honor Society Officer:
 Maggie Karmens
National Conference Chair:
 Melinda Berean
Student Relations:
Kristen Luer
Fund Officers: Kristen French
Outcomes Coordinator:
 Kyle Hughes
Operations Coordinator: Zach Mease
Alumni Relations:
Lauren Oxford
Health & Wellness Coordinator:
 Mike Fernandez
Client Advocate:
Khyati Shah
Social Media Marketing Officer:
Kaitlyn Schnaulzer

Class of 2016


Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Daria Poretta
Community Relations Officer: Sleby Weiss
Marketing Officer: Nicole Rayson
Fund Officer: Caitlin Grobaker
Outcomes Coordinator: Kerry McIntyre
Operations Coordinator: Jon Bellizio
Alumni Relations: Sarah Voelkel
Health & Wellness Coordinator: Kyle Bauer and Georgia Spano
Client Advocate: Amy Albano

Class of 2015

class of 2015

Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Brian Kennedy
Community Relations Officer: Katherine D’Ambrosia
Marketing Officer: Dale Jones
Fund Officers: Alanna DiBiasi, Elizabeth Long
Student Relations: Haelim Park
Outcomes Coordinator: Nicole Nardone, Jessica Pierce
Operations Coordinator: Jonathan Dwyer
Alumni Relations: Megha Jacob
Health & Wellness Coordinator: Rebekah Coleman, Jennifer Ogden
Client Advocate: Nicole Gezzi

Class of 2014

class of 2014

Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Christina Guay
Community Relations Officer: Courtney Christman
Marketing Officer: Christine Solomon
Fund Officer: Chris Carroll
Student Relations: Alexandra Ferguson
Outcomes Coordinator: Stephanie Zerhusen
Operations Coordinator: Jacob Daniels
Alumni Relations: Josh Houseal
Health & Wellness Coordinator: Joe Connor
Client Advocate: Stephanie Mielach

Class of 2013

class of 2013

Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Scott Cheney
Community Relations Officer: John Ohlaver
Marketing Officer: Theresa Lennon
Fund Officer: Jeff Cain
Student Relations: Holly Green
Outcomes Coordinator: Kate Conahan
Operations Coordinator: Amanda Ott, Lauren Papps
Alumni Relations: Dana Calderoni
Client Advocate: Karen Hemmes

Class of 2012

class of 2012

Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Caitlin Kirkpatrick
Community Relations Officer: Jon Herting
Fund Officer: Michael Root
Student Relations: Jaime Cafaro
Outcomes Coordinator: Erica Melfe
Operations Coordinator: Nate Haas
Alumni Relations: Richard Greenfield
Client Relations: Jordan Shettle

Class of 2011

class of 2011

Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Melinda Agarwal
Community Relations Officer: Aaron Peffer
Fund Officer: Vanessa Kershaw
Student Relations: Lauren Davidson
Outcomes Coordinator: Jess Darrah and Melissa Higgins
Operations Coordinator: Amanda Reinmiller and Allecia Langston
Alumni Relations: Christina Flasinski
Client Relations: Mallory Meyer

Class of 2010

class of 2010

Physical Therapy

Clinic Coordinator: Beth Sander
Community Relations Officer: Wayne Burkholtz and Charlie Moore
Fund Officer: Heather Wnorowski and Kim Herbertson
Student Relations: Danielle Rosen
Outcomes Coordinator: Amber Bennick
Operations Coordinator: Crystal Ayers and Tony Sacerino
Alumni Relations: Heather Goldy
Client Relations: Jen Hardy