Current Leadership

Scroll down to see our current leadership team!  Each year, a group of students are chosen to take on various positions in the clinic to ensure a quality experience for our patients.

PT 1 Board 2018

Class of 2021

Clinic Coordinator: John Nellett
National Honor Society Officer:
 Haily Vaka
National Conference Chair:
Alyssa Myers
Marketing Officer: John Vizzini and Rachel Pisarra
Student Relations: Brittany Erlsten
Fund Officers: Emily Swope and Rachael DiGuglielmo
Outcomes Coordinator:
 Megan McCurdy
Operations Coordinator: Josh Hammaker
Alumni Relations:
 Stephanie Saylor
Health & Wellness Coordinator:
 Danielle Hemerka
Client Advocate:
 Gabrielle Crespo
Social Media Marketing Officer: Eva Reyes

PT 2 Student Board 2018

Class of 2020

Clinic Coordinator: David Aurand
National Honor Society Officer:
Baylee Mann
National Conference Chair:
Alaina Curry
Marketing Officer:
Troy Koch and Zach Shustyk
Student Relations:
 Kimmy Hall
Fund Officers: Kayla Herr and Katie Sterling
Outcomes Coordinator:
Taylor Stone
Operations Coordinator: Max Schrom
Alumni Relations:
Andrea Barajas
Health & Wellness Coordinator:
 Beth Pirtle
Client Advocate:
Laura Giordano
Social Media Marketing Officer:
Joe Ruszkowski

Class of 2019

Class of 2019

Clinic Coordinator: Justin Gilfillan
National Honor Society Officer:
Rachel McDermott
National Conference Chair:
Jonathan Rouse
Marketing Officer:
Patrick Rutledge
Student Relations:
 Amanda Schmidt
Fund Officers: Elizabeth Antonucci, Leo Harmon, and Jacqueline Ruggiero
Outcomes Coordinator:
Taylor Stone
Operations Coordinator: Reed Hoffman
Alumni Relations:
Jaclyn Krempasky
Health & Wellness Coordinator:
 Kristine Sindoni
Client Advocate:
Kathleen Flynn
Social Media Marketing Officer:
Heather Burns

Leadership Alumni

Scroll down to see our growing team of students that continued the growing mission of the Chester Community Physical Therapy Clinic!


Class of 2018

Clinic Coordinator: Tim Golder      
National Honor Society Officer:
Brianna Englert
National Conference Chair:
Jenna Newton
Marketing Officers:
Mike Berardo and Jordan Bernstein
Student Relations:
Danielle Baselak
Fund Officers: Brittany Burkholder and Kasey Dietrich
Outcomes Coordinator:
Tyler Suruskie
Operations Coordinator: Seth Brakefield
Alumni Relations:
Liz Langer
Health & Wellness Coordinator:
 Steve Grazioli
Client Advocate:
Nicolina Marcela
Social Media Marketing Officer:
Kristina Reiter


Class of 2017

Clinic Coordinator: Nolan Converse  
National Honor Society Officer:
 Maggie Karmens
National Conference Chair:
 Melinda Berean
Student Relations:
Kristen Luer
Fund Officers: Kristen French
Outcomes Coordinator:
 Kyle Hughes
Operations Coordinator: Zach Mease
Alumni Relations:
Lauren Oxford
Health & Wellness Coordinator:
 Mike Fernandez
Client Advocate:
Khyati Shah
Social Media Marketing Officer:
Kaitlyn Schnaulzer


Class of 2016

Clinic Coordinator: Daria Poretta
Community Relations Officer: Sleby Weiss
Marketing Officer: Nicole Rayson
Fund Officer: Caitlin Grobaker
Outcomes Coordinator: Kerry McIntyre
Operations Coordinator: Jon Bellizio
Alumni Relations: Sarah Voelkel
Health & Wellness Coordinator: Kyle Bauer and Georgia Spano
Client Advocate: Amy Albano

class of 2015

Class of 2015

Clinic Coordinator: Brian Kennedy
Community Relations Officer: Katherine D’Ambrosia
Marketing Officer: Dale Jones
Fund Officers: Alanna DiBiasi, Elizabeth Long
Student Relations: Haelim Park
Outcomes Coordinator: Nicole Nardone, Jessica Pierce
Operations Coordinator: Jonathan Dwyer
Alumni Relations: Megha Jacob
Health & Wellness Coordinator: Rebekah Coleman, Jennifer Ogden
Client Advocate: Nicole Gezzi

class of 2014

Class of 2014

Clinic Coordinator: Christina Guay
Community Relations Officer: Courtney Christman
Marketing Officer: Christine Solomon
Fund Officer: Chris Carroll
Student Relations: Alexandra Ferguson
Outcomes Coordinator: Stephanie Zerhusen
Operations Coordinator: Jacob Daniels
Alumni Relations: Josh Houseal
Health & Wellness Coordinator: Joe Connor
Client Advocate: Stephanie Mielach

class of 2013

Class of 2013

Clinic Coordinator: Scott Cheney
Community Relations Officer: John Ohlaver
Marketing Officer: Theresa Lennon
Fund Officer: Jeff Cain
Student Relations: Holly Green
Outcomes Coordinator: Kate Conahan
Operations Coordinator: Amanda Ott, Lauren Papps
Alumni Relations: Dana Calderoni
Client Advocate: Karen Hemmes

class of 2012

Class of 2012

Clinic Coordinator: Caitlin Kirkpatrick
Community Relations Officer: Jon Herting
Fund Officer: Michael Root
Student Relations: Jaime Cafaro
Outcomes Coordinator: Erica Melfe
Operations Coordinator: Nate Haas
Alumni Relations: Richard Greenfield
Client Relations: Jordan Shettle

class of 2011

Class of 2011

Clinic Coordinator: Melinda Agarwal
Community Relations Officer: Aaron Peffer
Fund Officer: Vanessa Kershaw
Student Relations: Lauren Davidson
Outcomes Coordinator: Jess Darrah and Melissa Higgins
Operations Coordinator: Amanda Reinmiller and Allecia Langston
Alumni Relations: Christina Flasinski
Client Relations: Mallory Meyer

class of 2010

Class of 2010

Clinic Coordinator: Beth Sander
Community Relations Officer: Wayne Burkholtz and Charlie Moore
Fund Officer: Heather Wnorowski and Kim Herbertson
Student Relations: Danielle Rosen
Outcomes Coordinator: Amber Bennick
Operations Coordinator: Crystal Ayers and Tony Sacerino
Alumni Relations: Heather Goldy
Client Relations: Jen Hardy